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By creating an overlay-based solution, we make it easy to test your SaaS app with existing or new users, without having to worry about the hassle of creating test accounts and managing the security risks of external users. Oh, and you save on the money as well.

Easy to use

Test your own users

No more sourcing and recruiting people similar to your users; you can skip that entire step. Your users already have accounts, they'll be able to perform 99% of tests themselves.

Real insights from real users

Since all of the testers are your customers themselves, you'll know that the responses that you are getting are exactly what users are seeing, thinking, and feeling every day. This lets you be more confident in test results.

Specific tasks based on the in-app context

Display user research tasks to specific audience based on in-app context and segmentation.

Task Templates

Get started with a task template, designed by our user research experts. Just plug and play right away.

Analyze with session replay + written feedback

Have a video of the user performing the task as well as their comments on the task.

Incentivize by crediting

Instead of paying customers directly, incentivize them by crediting their account or reducing the price of their subscription.

Admin dashboard & analytics

Manage all your user testing from one simple admin dashboard. Create tasks, assign them to users, and manage payments/credits to testers.

Start learning from your own users!

All plans have a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.


Perfect for micro-saas projects

  • Unlimited projects
  • 10 user recordings in total
  • 30-day storage
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For post product-market fit

  • Unlimited projects
  • 50 user recordings in total
  • 60-day storage
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Testing is part of your process

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited user recordings
  • Unlimited storage
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